Meet the Team



Office Manager

I have worked with Dr. McCarthy for many years. He’s the best dentist I have had the privilege of working with. He continually grows as a dentist, always challenging himself and our team to improve.

Our team is small and caring by design. Sarah, our hygienist, is the best in her field: she is extremely organized, gentle, and takes time to educate patients about oral hygiene. Candace, our chairside dental assistant, is also extremely proficient: She ensures Dr. McCarthy has everything needed while keeping their patient comfortable.

Dentistry does not get any better than this. Each of us enjoys being here to help each other put our patients first. I am proud to be part of this team and love that it’s allowed me to meet all of our wonderful patients and their families!

I’ve worked in the dental field since 1972, am a certified dental assistant, and have worked with Dr. McCarthy since 1989. I oversee all front-desk duties, from welcoming patients to answering phones and setting appointments. I also set up and manage patient financials.

Outside of the office, I enjoy teaching a variety of fitness classes, since I am a certified and licensed fitness instructor and fitness coach. I have two daughters who are both married and have children. I’m close to my family and am proud of and humbled by my daughters’ many accomplishments. I’m also a dog lover and share my life with two Pugs.




Registered Dental Hygienist

Being part of a compassionate, supportive team, and spending my days in a positive working environment, makes me excited to come to the office! Dr. McCarthy is an excellent dentist, and everyone here genuinely cares about our patients.

I started working in the field in 2010 as a dental assistant, before completing a dental hygiene program. My goal, as a hygienist, is to give my patients a happy, healthy smile, empower them to improve their home oral hygiene, and build a personal relationship with each.

I handle patient health screening, assess the patient’s oral health, and take digital X-rays. I also remove calculus and plaque from teeth, apply preventive materials to protect teeth, and offer a lot of patient education.

My time off is spent in the company of my two dogs: Posh is my Yorkie and Bogey is my Golden Retriever. I also like cooking, working out, and crafting.




Chairside Dental Assistant

I love working with Dr. McCarthy and our team because we all coordinate well together. We are always working to make sure our patients are well cared for and we are always laughing. I am truly grateful to be with such wonderful people every day.

I started in the dental field in 2012 and joined this office in 2015. I enjoy caring for our patients and making sure their dental experience is stress-free and has them smiling.

I seat people, prepare patients for their treatment, and explain what we’ll be doing. Staying chairside, I assist Dr. McCarthy with the procedure: acting as his second pair of hands and constantly checking that our patient is comfortable. When finished, I offer home care instructions and check that our patient is pleased with how the visit went.

Born and raised in St. Louis, I have a love for the city and its character. When I’m not hanging out with friends at a great local restaurant, I enjoy quality time with my family. I’m a cat lover, a wine lover, and a music lover. Come spring, strolling through a city park and enjoying the simple pleasures of life makes me happy.

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